Monday, 5 November 2012

some favourites....

I love to use instagram and there have been some cool photo's of Summah taken here are my favourites:

Mum refers to Summah as a cupie doll,
so she bought one at a retro fair.

my cheeky monkey helping with errands

chubby bubba legs...too adorable!

first Mr.Whippy ice cream

casually eating a whole apple on the couch

Wait a minute?! that is suppose to be on the arm.

Last bath with this cast on...I'm sure there will
be more broken bones in the future.

Summah loves helping, this is just one thing she
loves to help with...laundry! long may it last.

someone discovered the weet-bix at their level,
and helped herself to a snack

bedtime stories with Dad

trying out blue paint as lipstick

those first steps cpatured

loving the warmer days and riding her bike.

Some of my favourites any how.
Have a great week you all.

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