Thursday, 29 November 2012

DIY: typography art

Last week I was informed to get a small gift for a dear friend, something that resembled her and what she meant to me.
I needed this by today!! so of course leaving it to the last minute, 
but I had an idea in mind.
I went about typing up some words that I knew would mean something to my friend and words that resembled her strong Faith. and a mixture of fonts and a few brilliant colours later I had the exact gift I had in mind completed ready to give.

Here is what I did:

type up the words and layout you want on the computer then cut around each
template leaving a bit of white so you can secure them in place on your picture frame
mounting board.
The words and font's you use is up to your artist mind,
so go for you life this is what I thought best suited my friend.

Finished product all framed up and ready to gift.
Something like this could be a simple, cheap and personal Christmas gift too.

I found this very easy to make the hardest bit was coming up with what to write, I love the end result and the colour I went with.

There is loads of Typography prints around so why not try making your own personal one I reckon.

Have a fun day.

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