Saturday, 1 December 2012

best mates for life...

There are many moments through out my day that I stumble upon Austin 
(Aaa-ta, as Summah says it) and Summah playing together, they are best mates! 
She'll often wonder out the back door to where Austin is lying in the garden sleeping in the shade from the summer sun, or waiting for a bird to miraculously fall out of the sky into is mouth...never going to happen!
She'll waddle out to him, back herself up and plump her little bum next to him and start chatting away about what ever takes her fancy.  Then she'll all of a sudden see a leaf or a flower go pick it and bring it back, saying "ta, ta, ta...etc" waiting patiently for Austin to take it from her as a gift.  In the end she just places it on his furry back and walks off to find something else to share with him.
It is too cute and melts my heart to see her do this somedays, so fun to see her start playing games even if it is with a cat, she is still learning to create fun for herself. Not needing to be constantly entertained, and yes many would say she needs an 'actual playmate' I say good things take time ;).

So off they wander to another spot to play and explore, Austin is her best mate  and he is one patient cat.

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