Tuesday, 4 December 2012

5 + 1 = 6 kiddos...

cousin love!

Monday afternoon Summah and I packed the car in prep for a spontaneous trip out to the West Coast to visit my parents and my older sister and kiddos.
It wasn't really planned as I was to be packing the house up, we move in 2wks and there seems to be a lot to do..but not really, I'm a little bit of an organised freak.
So I took the opportunity to postpone some packing and just hit the coast for a nights relaxation with the family.  It was bliss, a pre-christmas break and catch-up with out all the hype and fuss was wonderful.
I did do some christmas baking which at Mum's I thought I wouldn't get time, but reading one of her latest magazines I was inspired and baked the morning a way.
It is a form of relaxation for me to bake and this time round I made some cranberry and pistachio biscotti...delicious!!! never attempted biscotto before and it turned out good.  My sister gave it the tick of approval anyhow and that counts.
(Now I'm all inspired and have the traditional christmas cake fruit soaking in some brandy overnight to bake tomorrow evening) just a side note.
Any how the last time Summah saw her 5 wonderful cousins she was a crawling lego destroyer, now she is a walking kind of talking little girl that want's to be apart of games. She adores her oldest cousin Jada and I caught her copying Jada few times over the period we were there.

exhibit A: learning the art of doll playing.

exhibit B: reading just like Jada

Then there this amazing jeep to drive around in,
Summah's wee legs are too short to reach the peddles yet.

Now we are back home and back to the reality of packing up our house to move...2wks tomorrow we will be in our new house.

Eeekk!! I best stop blogging and go pack and clean! lots to do.

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  1. Cute photos and sounds like a good catch up with the whanau. Snap - I made cranberry and pistachio biscotti the other day too! From Little & Friday's book. Happy packing! x


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