Tuesday, 11 September 2012

bathroom makeover part 2

It is finally finished, and our super blue bathroom is no longer!
This is a good thing and a great achievement, with many hours of hard labour by ourselves we have it all completed.
Even with the help of a near 1yr old and a very inquisitive cat (aka.Mr. Austin), we achieved what we set out to do before Summah's first birthday party this coming weekend (16th Sept).
It wasn't easy to say the least there were moments of tension, frustration, maybe the odd snapping here and there but all in all we had fun together doing up our bathroom. 
The thing is with my husband and I we have similar taste when it comes to decorating, and I love the fact he has an input and opinion about what we do to our house.  It's not just me left to decorate, it's a team effort and it is so much more fun when you are working together on something. 
(No matter what that may be).
We love to decorate and do up house's but not to the extent that everything is torn apart at once and then slowly reconstructed. It's more along the lines of  room by room as we can afford it, and now more than half the house has been redone...yay!! 

Anyway photo's of the bathroom make over.

Cringe with me, as you see the before photos. 
(as I do now looking back wondering why it took us 3 1/2yrs to change it from when we purchased this house).

after...huge change and improvement if you ask me.

celebration time!!!

For this room we:

* new vanity
* new shower
* kept exsisting mirror...(too expensive to replace)
* new light above vanity (on sale)
* vinyl (bargain purchase from Trademe)
* new towel rail & hand towel rail
* bench top (which was a pantry door cut down)
* re wallpapered by ourselves (a first for us)

The toilet room was redone at the same time in the same colours, so all in all it has been a very busy 2 weeks, hence why I haven't blogged in like for ever.


  1. looks so cool Bex, great job you guys xo

  2. Yeah guys, I love it, love the colors you've chosen and how it all works together. Lucky you that Steve is of some help too I reckon ;) xo


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