Friday, 31 August 2012

wedding month...

We've had 2 weddings in 2 weeks, this hasn't happened for us in a long time.
It's exciting, fun and so romantic for those getting married, very sweet really! 
For me though it's a chance to catch-up with various friends that have moved away, and you don't see them much anymore only at occasions like a wedding.
Then there is the other side for a lady...where you get to dress up! this is most exciting and sometimes an excuse to buy a new dress or a new pair of shoes.
I have done the latter this time, I had dresses in the wardrobe that needed an excuse to be worn and having two weddings in a row means they've been worn.

But alas a girl needs to try the outfit on before wearing it for the first time, so that is what I have done this evening.  It would be a disaster to have a wardrobe malfunction on the morning of an event, so always try on the outfit with some time spare.

Here we are, my blue dress which I bought for a steal price because it had a stain on it.  Totally pays to bargain sometimes, this was originally priced at just under $300, was on sale for $50 and I paid $30!!! 
I then took it to the dry cleaners and paid $15 and you wouldn't even know there was a big stain in it. 

I love it!! and my new shoes (which took a bit to find.) 
Now I can't wait for the wedding tomorrow, it's going to be so much fun, and the 2nd Saturday night out childless.  
Thanks to some great friends offering to look after grateful to them!!

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