Sunday, 10 February 2013

a quick up-do...

The days are hot at the moment and I'm trying to grow my hair, it's feeling health at the moment since I haven't coloured it as much over the past year.
But in growing it I am trying to be inventive with hairstyles too! I can create them on others so why can't I do them on myself, I am trying!

Here is the latest of my favourite quick up-do's that is casual and fun:

A braid from the nape to just below the crown, with a high bun, then place a bow...done!

A step by step:

1. section from top of ear to top of ear and clip up high out of the way. 
2. If it helps tip your head upside down and braid from the nape (base of head) using a basic french braid technique, till you reach the sectioned up hair.
3. Secure braid and sectioned away hair together with a hair tie
4. Back comb your high pony tail and tuck under and secure with bobby pins.
5. You could cheat and use one of those donut bun hair accessories to get a more perfect looking bun on top.
6. Place your bow just below bun, where the braid ends.
7. Done! 
The front is up to you, how ever you feel comfortable wearing your hair.

It's a great style to keep the hair up off your neck on hot days.

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