Friday, 30 March 2012

draw make over....

I've had a wee project this week and it's finally finished now I can do the big reveal of what I've been up too.

First I found this cute bedside draw unit at the second hand shop for a bargain price of  $8 .... score!!! This is what it looked like when I purchased it (the middle handle was attached when purchased).

After an evening of sanding it back and selecting the colours I was going to paint it, I went a head and did my bedside unit make over.

Here is the end result...

I've used test pot resene paint colours;

* thorndon cream
* paper doll
* cream can
* kandinsky

and replaced the draw handles with modern ones.

I love how it turned out!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Jandals are a girls best friend for the summer months, especially for me anyhow, I long for those summer days where I can wear my jandals.  I love the comfort they provide for my feet after months of wearing boots and socks, it's bliss to feel the air between the toes. 

Who would have thought I could feel this way about jandals but it's true, and today it was sad to say "bye" to my favourite jandals, they've seen their last summer. 

Goodbye faithful jandals, we've had some great adventures.
 Next year starts a new journey with new jandals.

My First Blog...

WOW...I've done it!! I have made a blog page, crazy! I was holding out for so long too but it just kind of happened this evening as I couldn't be bothered moving from the dinner table to do housework.  

Even though I've run out of steam for the day I am thankful for this beautiful day, it was filled with many great moments of joy, and happiness.  Sometimes it was hard to be joyful but we got there and the best bit was seeing my daughter wearing the nappy on her was priceless! her facials were cracking me up so I had to capture some of these for her 21st.

Here just a few of my favourite shots from the day:

future opera singer maybe??

help me out of this Mum

don't panic I can do it.

So Miss. Summah was grizzly all day but you know she could still smile so this made me smile....the simple things! 

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