Wednesday, 20 June 2012

part 2: Conservatory make-over

I have finished up parts of the conservatory make-over, really just waiting for vinyl layers to call me back with prices to put the new flooring down.  Then I have to finish up some new curtains/window dressings as we don't actually use the curtains in the conservatory...there purely for looks.

Some photo's of what I've done so far...

vintage table and mirror

Salon the fresh flowers.

(NB: those ugly brown curtains in the background are getting replaced)

the couch area with all the new cushions I made to make it look more inviting to relax and read on.

A tip: for finding amazing fabrics for making your own cushions
rummage through your local interior design shop's remnant fabric bins, you can find some great fabrics for cheap and they are usually generous sizes.  I think the actual pillow inners cost more than the fabric for these cushions.

Monday, 18 June 2012

9 mths in & 9 mths out...

My beautiful Summah has been out in this world for as long as she was inside my womb and my word the time has FLOWN!!!

I love every minute of being a Mum and spending my days with Summah, they are treasured and I find myself reflecting on how blessed I am to be a Mum.  It is a beautiful thing and each day is filled with, lots of laughter, tears, struggles to get the clothes on, nappy changes, wiping a little nose, picking up toys and yet I wouldn't change a thing.  I constantly remind myself this is just for a season so love the season and all the bits in between, and totally don't sweat the small is too short!

birthday - after 9mths of being in the womb

Today at 9mths old - exploring everything and crawling about the place.

I love you Summah xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

a day for art...

The sun is shining outside but it is too cold to venture out, with the fire burning and baby girl sleeping I'm inspired to draw.  
I do believe that you need to be in the right space to be inspired to draw/create and I'm feeling it at the moment.
I'm embracing the slower pace of life today and enjoying that I have nothing much planned, it's great I can go with the flow and chill.  Hence why the art work has been plucked from the depths of the creative cupboard and I'm drawing...yay!! Just a few other projects that I've started and not finished yet...I will have these ones ticked off some day soon.
The pieces I'm working on are for the conservatory make over so I want them finished so I can reveal the new conservatory look.

Here's a sneak peak at the art work.....

inspired by nature.

Have a great day everyone :)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Thai Pumpkin Soup...

It's that time of year where pumpkin is super cheap to buy and winter bugs are in full swing, so I went about making a huge pot of thai pumpkin soup that is packed with bug fighting ingredients.

It's delicious and simple to make so here is the recipe:

Thai Pumpkin Soup

what you need:

750g chopped pumpkin
2 celery sticks chopped
2 Tbsp Green Thai Curry Paste (2 is really spicey, 1 is good)
1 onion chopped (I grate mine easier than dicing it finely & quicker)
fresh ginger (grated about 2cm piece)
2 cloves of crushed garlic (or more if you like)
400ml Coconut cream
salt and pepper to taste


heat 1 Tbsp olive oil and sweat the onion, garlic, ginger and curry paste for a wee bit to get the flavours going.

add the pumpkin and celery, salt and pepper to flavour, cover with water and cook for 30mins till pumpkin is soft.

Blend with stick blender and add coconut cream and mix well.

serve with fresh chopped coriander, a dollop of sour cream or grated cheese. 
There you have a delicious and simple pumpkin soup, this serves 6.

On the side Summah and I made a couple of fresh foccocia loaves too...home made bread is the best!!

baby chef testing the dough's past the test I think ;).

goodbye to a friend...

Emma I knew you for a short time, back when we were little girls, before we even reached the double digits age.
We did lots together back then, rode horses, farm bikes, played dress up's, played with barbies and annoyed your brothers.
We were so similar in many ways and that is possibly why we got on so well at primary school.
Then one day your family left the coast and that is where our friendship ended, you moved on to Te Awamutu and went to different schools.
For various reasons our lives never crossed again even though we were never that far apart geographically.
Now today I find myself reflecting on the brief time we did spend together as friends and I'm thankful for those few short years.
And those years seem so long ago now that we are grown up adult women who achieved different things in life and been different places.
But from today as we've had a memorial service for you, I Wish I had spent more time with you in our adult years.
The attributes you had that everyone spoke about makes me, think how similar we are.  
You've touched many and left a legacy even if your life here on earth was cut short at 31 years.
Your memory is carried in the hearts of many and I will remember you even though our years crossed briefly.
Thanks for the good times together at Primary School.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

fresh flowers...

A few weeks back I was driving home from the city centre and there was a stall on the side of road, 'the flower shack', bunches for flowers for $5.  I often see it and drive past thinking I should stop and get some fresh flowers especially for $5!!! a bargain.  This particular day I did stop and I bought the most gorgeous bunch of non-scented orange lilies, I love lilies and the colour orange.  They have lasted so well, even when I have neglected to hydrate them since putting them in the vase...shocking!! they still survived for a good 2 plus weeks.  

My orange lilies on their last days, still giving so much joy.

I have enjoyed having fresh cut flowers in the house that today I bought some more as they add cheer to my home on these wet winter days, that seem bleak and grey.  I reckon everyone should have fresh flowers in the house they really do bring a smile to your face, and from now on I endeavor to have fresh flowers more often.  In the spring/summer hopefully from my own garden but for the winter months I will have to purchase them from 'the flower shack'.  So if you see a flower stall stop and buy a colourful bunch to brighten your day and home, they could just be the lift you need to get you through the day.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

finishing projects...

Today I made myself sit down and finish off a few projects that I had started last week, as I dislike to have unfinished projects around the house, I'm very much a finish what you start kind of person.  I dislike clutter and in effect this means I like to see what is in my cupboards so once they start looking clutter I schedule in some de-cluttering time and have a clean out.

It felt good to finish a couple of my projects this afternoon, as last week went belly up (literally) when our whole family came down with some NASTY!!!! tummy bug.  Which lasted a good 8days...epic!! and now a few kilos lighter we are all good and on the mend and believe me, I'm making up for lost eating time. Needless to say with caring for a little one and myself who got crazy sick, it felt good to indulge in some creativeness and well deserved sewing time.

What did I make??? 

A cute little vest/ hoodie for Summah using leftover sweat shirt material and a nightie that I bought when I was pregnant and never wore once.

(Summah decided stashing her toys in the hood was a good idea too.)

Then I whipped up a few more cushions for the conservatory couch, I'll do a blog on the final look of conservatory when I'm finished that...working process.

What have you all been creating this week?

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