Thursday, 7 June 2012

fresh flowers...

A few weeks back I was driving home from the city centre and there was a stall on the side of road, 'the flower shack', bunches for flowers for $5.  I often see it and drive past thinking I should stop and get some fresh flowers especially for $5!!! a bargain.  This particular day I did stop and I bought the most gorgeous bunch of non-scented orange lilies, I love lilies and the colour orange.  They have lasted so well, even when I have neglected to hydrate them since putting them in the vase...shocking!! they still survived for a good 2 plus weeks.  

My orange lilies on their last days, still giving so much joy.

I have enjoyed having fresh cut flowers in the house that today I bought some more as they add cheer to my home on these wet winter days, that seem bleak and grey.  I reckon everyone should have fresh flowers in the house they really do bring a smile to your face, and from now on I endeavor to have fresh flowers more often.  In the spring/summer hopefully from my own garden but for the winter months I will have to purchase them from 'the flower shack'.  So if you see a flower stall stop and buy a colourful bunch to brighten your day and home, they could just be the lift you need to get you through the day.

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