Friday, 8 June 2012

goodbye to a friend...

Emma I knew you for a short time, back when we were little girls, before we even reached the double digits age.
We did lots together back then, rode horses, farm bikes, played dress up's, played with barbies and annoyed your brothers.
We were so similar in many ways and that is possibly why we got on so well at primary school.
Then one day your family left the coast and that is where our friendship ended, you moved on to Te Awamutu and went to different schools.
For various reasons our lives never crossed again even though we were never that far apart geographically.
Now today I find myself reflecting on the brief time we did spend together as friends and I'm thankful for those few short years.
And those years seem so long ago now that we are grown up adult women who achieved different things in life and been different places.
But from today as we've had a memorial service for you, I Wish I had spent more time with you in our adult years.
The attributes you had that everyone spoke about makes me, think how similar we are.  
You've touched many and left a legacy even if your life here on earth was cut short at 31 years.
Your memory is carried in the hearts of many and I will remember you even though our years crossed briefly.
Thanks for the good times together at Primary School.

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