Tuesday, 22 January 2013

a simple grey singlet...

As I said I'm on a roll with sewing so must keep at it whilst I'm inspired.

Today I've made a simple grey singlet, what I love about it:

1. the colour! goes with anything
2. the white lacey back to it
3. the fit...it's designed just for me!!
4. my new double needle for stitching around the hem of such tops...it looks bought.

first I lay out the singlet/tank top that I wanted to use as a pattern
and cut around it.

Sew the shoulder seams, and side seams then cut your biase for around neck and arm holes and sew them on, hem it up and you are done.

the result! a cute little top for Summer to be worn with your favourite shorts

back view...white knit lace, just for something different.

and taking self-timer photo's of oneself is never easy when  toddler wants to be apart of the action,
here is the mini model

Now to design the next item.

Have a great day x

Monday, 21 January 2013

on a roll...

I'm on a roll at the moment making clothes for myself, and loving it!
I've taken some of my favourite tops that are wearing thin and cut patterns to make new tops.

This week I've made this tunic which really was just two rectangle shapes sown together, total of 3 seams...easy!!!
The hardest part was sewing around the neck, hem and arm holes as my fabric is a silk...super slippery!

worn here with a white slip and no belt, nice and light,
summery and easy to wear.

2nd option with a belt, and black slip,.

Out of the top options for summer days I think I like the first, nice and floaty with the freedom to move with out a belt around your waist to make you hotter.

I'm happy with my new tunic dress, and can see it being worn into the winter months too with some fun leggings.

I'm off to finish another project now. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

welcome 2013...

It's been a while since a blog...the last month has been a whirlwind of events.

1. packing and moving house consumed a bit of time
2. unpacking and rearranging things in the new house
3. Christmas and New Years happened
4. Sister visiting...major HIGHLIGHT!!!
5. Now things are calming down and getting back to the usual routine

So we've moved house and had a HUGE clean out of things we don't need and passed them onto our favourite op-shops around Hamilton so someone else can use the goods we don't need.

As I can not handle very well things out of place...it does drive me slightly nuts! 
I've spent the afternoon trying to unpack the final few boxes and rearrange things into better places/cupboards.  The office was driving me crazy there were boxes still on the floor, and I just had to try to sort them out. 
Although all I think I did was move them from one box to another...hahaha!! At least I felt like I was winning at clearing the floor of boxes.

Tonight I have rearranged my salon studio space so that it is more inviting for my clients and I think I have succeeded with this...yay!
Over the last week I have found some cool older pieces of furniture to put in my salon and I love them.  One was a plant stand to place next to my hair basin for Shampoo's etc to sit on, and the other was a old buffet cabinet for my towels and product.

main salon space, with my new cabinet...love it!

basin area with my plant stand for shampoo to sit on.

All in all we are loving our new house, and don't miss the old house one bit.
I thought I would but nope, loving the new place and Summah loves it, and so does the cat (Austin).
Win, win!

We welcome 2013 with new adventures and a new house.

Looking forward to it! 

Hope you are too.

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