Monday, 6 May 2013

an everyday knit top...

What started out as four amazing fabrics in a remnant bin
are now being created into winter clothes for me.
1. orange knit - long sleeve winter top, cost: $8.50
2. bronze/brown knit - top or leggings (if it's long enough), cost: $7.20
3. Black - a skirt, but maybe cushions for my lounge now?, cost: $8.00
4. Grey/black wool - front panel in a winter jacket, cost $12.50 (completed)

this is the back to my top

Next up on the sewing list was my orange long sleeve top, here is how I cut out my lay my favourite tops out or two in this case and cut around with my roller cutter. No purchased pattern required in here! as I watched my mother do the very same thing through out my childhood, I must have picked up a thing or too from watching.

finished product, from the front - I added a pocket to break up the orange, thinking about adding a bit more length in the front too, this will balance out the tail length.

back view, and Summah photo booming....(oops! bombing, mind and hands not communicating to well today :) )

If my daughter is going to photo bomb, why not get a decent photo of us both?! (at this point I noticed the neighbour was cleaning his camper van just above me... awkward!)

Off to make my leggings now.


1 comment:

  1. Haha, most people photo bomb, but not Summah...she's a photo 'BOOMer'.
    Haha, i like that xoxox


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