1. My full name is Rebecca...but known as Bex
2. I have an amazing, supportive husband of 7 years, many more to come :)
3. I have one beautiful daughter, Summah Marie ...xxx
4. I'm a trained and qualified hairdresser of 10 years
5. I run a small business know as Mint Bridal Hairdressing, check out the link for more info on that.
6. I'm a sinner saved by grace
7.  I love to sew, cook, DIY, draw/paint, interior design, gardening etc....
8. My biggest weaknesses are textile's...love fabric's!! and shoes...can never have enough of these ;)
9. I enjoy running, it clears the head after a day, and a great to time to think things over.
10. I love being a new MUM!

WOULD LOVE TO BE A..... Fashion designer (one day).

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