Saturday, 28 April 2012

DIY: high chair make over

I'm a little bit opposed to big chunky looking furniture and the thought of buying a white, plastic high chair with some crazy pattern print on it did not excite me.

I was inspired by an article in a NZ House & Garden magazine (around May/June 2011 edition I think), where there was the background of a picture a super cool high chair.  At the time I was pregnant and thought that would be a cool idea for when the time came to purchase our high chair. 

What did I do?

My sister Dee found the perfect old school high chair for me, cost $20!!! bargain. 

Before photo:

1. I painted the chair in a dark charcoal grey then got a sweet wallpaper cut off from the local home design shop (bonus).

2. cover the sides and back of chair with your wallpaper, cut to size and paste with wall paper paste.

3. Allow to dry and then varnish with a high gloss polyurethane to get a nice glossy finish on the chair.  I did 3 coats to help seal the wallpaper and avoid little fingers picking at the edges in the future.

This was a fun little project that took little time at all, and now I have a high chair that sits neatly in the corner unnoticed.   


  1. Wow, this turned out beautiful. You have definitely inspired me to make one for my kids.


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