Thursday, 26 April 2012

motherhood & working... I made this decision last week (whether it is good or bad I made it), that I would go back to work 2 days a week put Summah in Kindy (which is awesome) and I'd work 9-4pm each day.  WELL, after 2 days in the salon I remember why I don't actually miss it everyday, not only because I now have this gorgeous wee girl that entertains me daily but there is just so much cattiness in a salon...big thumbs down!!! 

Then we have the factor of cost of sending Miss Summah to kindy for 2 days for little gain, so really looking back I've made the decision based on keeping my clients happy and not being able to let them go.  Reality check...they can find another hairdresser (most of them, some I do at home), my season of doing their hair is over and I'm on to new things.  This is exciting and will be a fun new adventure where I learn to retrain in being a mother (which take me the rest of my life) and other projects along the way, yes I will still be a hairdresser just not in someone else's salon.  At the moment I will pursue my wedding hairdressing business as this suits our family at this point in time.  Which is why I set it up 2 years ago, so when we had a family I could still work but hours that don't require child care.

So looking back to last week...I made a decision that wasn't sitting right at the time but I still went against what I knew was the right choice.  You live and learn and now I know what is the right choice for sure, no questions asked.  

Motherhood and working full time works for some and doesn't for others, those that don't work and are committed to being a stay at home Mum, are a dying breed. It is nice to be able to make that choice for your children's sake and make it work for your family, where you can live on one income.  People say times are tough now, but was it really any different for our parents (financially speaking), maybe we just think we need more and want to have everything brand new all the time.  At the end of the day time put into a small person is not wasted time, it's an investment and a blessing, and I need to embrace this more and not throw my days away by being too busy.  

And really how could I not want to spend my days with this gorgeous girl and her smile....

Enjoy your day xxx

(For the record I'm not opposed to working Mum's, some need too to survive, and I take my hat off to those who are solo Mum's with kids and making it work, bless you)

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  1. i'm still learning.
    still being stretched and shaped.
    i don't think it ever stops...and i don't think it ever should.
    life isn't meant to be static.
    welcome to your next life phase - enjoy~


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