Tuesday, 10 April 2012

feijoa love...

With Autumn comes feijoa season and I love feijoas!!! so I have been baking up a feijoa storm to use the ample supply that I have at the moment, as there is only a certain amount one can eat before feeling ill.  

A feijoa cake baking adventure:

1. Collecting the feijoa's for baking...they taste good Mum!

2. Feijoa's ready for eating or baking with....yum!

3. Mix up your standard Banana cake recipe mix, but replace the banana with feijoa's (mash these to break them down a bit), add vanilla extract if you like too.  Mix it all up and then we poured the cake mixture into a muffin tin to make mini cakes.

4. Important step (or naughty step), licking the baking utensils of left over goodness.

5. Baked feijoa cake iced with your favourite butter icing flavour, we went with lemon and then sliced feijoas to decorate the top.

6. Invite a friend over for tea/coffee to share the feijoa love with or simply devour them yourself.  These are delicious and super easy to make, and stay nice and moist when baked in muffin tin size as a opposed to in a cake tin.
These could be freezed for treats outside of feijoa season too (non-iced of course).

A simple way to use your supply of feijoas.

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