Saturday, 28 April 2012

dinner party for 5...

My mother's birthday was 4 days ago but we couldn't stick around to cook her dinner, so tonight we are doing just that.  



freshly baked ciabatta bread

main meal

pork belly served on pureed parsnip & caramelized apple wedges 

with sides of-
watercress, walnut & parmesan salad with citrus dressing
whole grain mustard potato mash (for Dad who loves mash)


poached pears cooked in red wine 
maple walnut ice cream 

That is our delicious dinner menu for tonight, also love to cook with what's in season so pears, apples, parsnip, citrus and walnuts are great in seasons foods.  

What's cooking in your house this Sunday evening?

(photo's to come watch this space)

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