Sunday, 8 April 2012

sand between the toes...

The joy of experiencing the beach and sand between your toes for the first time, must be so exciting.  It would be super cool to be able to remember some of those first experiences you have as a baby, because the pure excitement on their face as they explore and try to work out what they are discovering is beautiful.
On our latest adventure as family we went to Pauanui beach, the weather was gorgeous for one out of the 2 days away so we hit the beach.  

Summah's little toes were scrunched up with pure excitement with feeling sand between her toes for the first time.  Along with picking up handfuls of sand and letting it slip through her little fingers, both of these new experiences were most intriguing to her, and it was beautiful to watch.

It made me wonder was I this excited about the beach when I went for the first time?, for Summah though she couldn't have been happier.

It has been a great Easter Weekend.

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