Thursday, 29 November 2012

DIY: typography art

Last week I was informed to get a small gift for a dear friend, something that resembled her and what she meant to me.
I needed this by today!! so of course leaving it to the last minute, 
but I had an idea in mind.
I went about typing up some words that I knew would mean something to my friend and words that resembled her strong Faith. and a mixture of fonts and a few brilliant colours later I had the exact gift I had in mind completed ready to give.

Here is what I did:

type up the words and layout you want on the computer then cut around each
template leaving a bit of white so you can secure them in place on your picture frame
mounting board.
The words and font's you use is up to your artist mind,
so go for you life this is what I thought best suited my friend.

Finished product all framed up and ready to gift.
Something like this could be a simple, cheap and personal Christmas gift too.

I found this very easy to make the hardest bit was coming up with what to write, I love the end result and the colour I went with.

There is loads of Typography prints around so why not try making your own personal one I reckon.

Have a fun day.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

baby steps...

Her first steps as a walker...

A few weeks back now Summah took her first official walk, then she got a really bad ear infection that effected her balance no walking for at least 5days.

Now though she is practically running about the house, although another ear infection has arisen, she is walking slightly drunk looking at the moment. 

So here is a wee video for the Aunties and cousins far away that haven't seen Summah walk yet.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

cheesey bacon twists...

As a Mother you get sick of cooking very quickly and often feel uninspired to create amazing meals, as by the end of the day you are wearing thin.
For me I like to be organised and know what I'm cooking in advance then I don't feel frazzled and rushing around like a headless chook at dinner time with a whinging toddler nipping at my ankles.
Yes, there are definitely days where I am not organised and those days the meals are less than desirable at times.

Anyway today I was in the mood for cooking and felt I'd try something new. With the fact that Summah is at Daycare on Thursdays I went about making something she could take for lunch, and we could add to dinner as a side.

Here are my cheesey bacon twists...

1/3 cup  diced bacon slightly cooked
1 cup grated mozzarella or normal cheese
handful of fresh oregano finely chopped
salt and pepper to season

simple ingredients and you can make up your own variations 

I cheat and make my bread dough in the bread maker,
once it is finished remove your dough and roll out into a long sausage on a lightly floured surface.
Then divide dough into 8 equal portions.

then roll each dough ball out till it is roughly 12x12cm square
then place your fillings on a diagonal on each square.
Also place the dough on baking paper on your tray this makes it easier to remove once cooked
and if you spray cooking spray on the tray then place the bread to cook on this it burns!!
before placing in oven to bake fold opposite corners together, pinch tightly
 and I brushed mine with some milk to give them a nice golden look.
Bake at 220C fan bake for 15-20mins
Mine only took 15mins to cook that was ample time.

the finished product...delicious flavoured bread twists!!

they passed the toddler test too!!
Summah loved them so heres hoping she'll eat it tomorrow for Daycare lunch.

Also you can make these if you don't have a bread maker just use your favourite bread dough recipe and bake away.

For me I love my bread maker purely for making dough, i don't think it is economical to make actual loaves of toast bread with my bread maker they never turn out amazing but the dough does so I make myself specialty loaves instead.
Hope you are inspired to make something new for your kids lunch.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

baby to toddler...

I've learnt recently the transition from baby to toddler can happen with the blink of an eye.
 One minute they are sitting, then crawling and we welcome these milestones with open arms, we encourage them to have independence to explore their world. 
Then within days of discovering their feet and balance they can be off, and you think were did my baby go? now so independent (within reason of course), so excited to walk and toddle around the place shaking their little bum as they go.
It's an adorable phase and Summah has reached the toddling stage, she loves it, since walking/discovering she could walk she has not stopped.
The poor sole got an ear infection a few days after learning to walk which put her balance off so she crawled, but once her health was restored I turned around to find a girl who would not crawl anymore.  
She literally walked around the house all day long, exploring new cupboards, hiding things in random places, she would walk along kicking a ball (for real), walk around in circles, just because she could.
Now I have a toddler not a baby girl, and every day she looks more and more like a little girl, who can wear pigtails, and shoes that fit her feet.
She has started to pretend play, I often find her creating and making her own fun. It can be sitting out on the garden path filling a bag with bark bits and chatting with the cat, then bringing it into me all excited. 
She is very expressive when talking to me and so excited and I love this enthusiasm for what she is trying to tell me. 
The word forming and sentences are yet to come but at this point in time I am enjoying having a bubbly toddling little girl to hang out with daily.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

a christmas elf...

I found this pretty cute christmas elf in my garden today, she was so adorable I had to keep her.

my daughter is so obliging to me dressing her up for such christmas photo's 

I will make the most of this while she is still a willing participate

yay...sparkly baubles to play with.

then Mr.Austin wanted to join the chance of getting a Santa Hat on him though.

Best of all I love her raucous laugh when 
something makes her crack-up. 

This is just a pre-christmas treat, and now I will be starting to decorate my house and put on that christmas music to get into the festive season.
I love Christmas!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

DIY Summah tights...

The other week when I was at my Mother's for a visit I saw this delightful material that was perfect for a pair of tights for Summah.

Here we go it really is easy to cut out a pair of tights and sew them up for you baby daughter/son.

1. lay your pants out on material (or paper if you don't trust yourself)
then cut around allowing for seams.


pin and sew down the seams, only 3...simple!
I've overlocked mine and that is all.


cut out ribbing for around the ankles and waist
 to your desired length and width. Then sew them in place.
Note the back panel in these pants are higher, to cover the nappy.

Summah loving her new tights,
they are colourful and comfy.
I love making tights for Summah, and it doesn't worry me if she trashes them because they are made from left over material.  Perfect around the house crawling pants.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

a solar eclipse moment...

This morning at approximately 10.28am Hamilton had a 85% solar eclipse, I don't actually remember seeing one before in my life, due to working inside or just not paying attention.

Anyhow this morning I totally noticed it coming on, it became progessively darker and I was blaming our maple tree for growing too many new shoots and blocking out my precious sunshine.  Completely forgetting that I had read earlier this morning about the eclipse...dumb blonde!! 

So I finally worked it out and went out to admire this rare occurance, and wow! it was magical! the temperature dropped, the light was dulled and shadows on the ground became blurred they no longer were crisp clear silhouettes.

It's one of those things in life that you are amazed by, that the sun and moon cross over and to see it is amazing too.

Stopping to admire the beauty of creation and how everything ticks to it's perfect little beat because if it didn't it could be chaos.

I took some photo's to remember this time and day.

the sun is darkened

a partial eclipse

these shadows make my photo look out of focus
but it's from the eclipse

I discovered that plant silhouettes looked different,
while the eclipse was happening.

my eclipse shadow,
this was taken when it had nearly finished.

Monday, 12 November 2012

coldplay eeeekk!!!...

I'd been looking forward to this date...10 November 2012, since around April, and it finally rolled around.

Well so many times leading up to the 10th Nov I thought I would have to sell our Coldplay tickets and not go. 
Things just seemed to not fall into place time and time again.

This is how it went the week leading up to Coldplay...first babysitter fall through then I put the call out and had a handful reply which was awesome, so new babysitter found and sorted...yay!!! 

Saturday rolls round and Summah is the sickest she has ever been, high temp, drowsiness, and not eating....eek!! 
I have to head off and do a bridal party which I was meant to start at 8.30am, they never turned up until 9.30am!! I could have slept in another hour after a night of not getting much sleep because I was trying to keep Summah's temp down. 
Anyhow even though they turned up late we still finished on time, and some days I'm glad my mother was a wedding dress seamstress.  Especially on Saturday, because the bridesmaids had no clue how to lace up the brides dress,  so I take over and pull it as tight as I can take it.  The bride was thankful I could lace her up and put the veil in, and I was even prepared to whip up a garter...she'd left hers behind.  Crazy busy morning.

As the day progress I'm still really worried about off I head to home, only for my car to die on me literally! I call roadside assistance wait 30-40mins for them to come tow me and ring Steve to pick me up. 
Then off to A&E for us Summah was not good! 

At this point it is nearing 4pm...Coldplay gates open at 5.30pm...I'm thinking we are going to spend a good 2hrs at A&E so cancel the babysitter, and put out the word we have 2 tickets going. As it turns out we are only at A&E for 30mins tops, Summah has an ear infection we get antibiotics and start that straight away, her temp has come down a little bit. 

So call up the babysitter again and we decide to hit the road to Auckland after dosing Summah up with paracetamol and antibiotics she is picking up and sleeps soundly. 

We make it in time for one of the opening bands and await Coldplay to hit the stage...and then they came!! lots of fun.
And the number one thing everyone is talking about is the wrist bands they handed out which lit up during the show.  Very cool!

But for me the best bit was just the fact that Steve and I could get out for a night together, to forget about all those adult decisions you make as parents, and get lost in some good music.

Pretending you are younger and in love for the first time all over again.

It was the perfect end to a chaotic day where things didn't seem to go as planned.

in it all though we could still have a laugh together and thank you to our dear friend for looking after Summah so we could get away for a few hours.

Coldplay on B stage...taken by Steve on iphone

Monday, 5 November 2012

some favourites....

I love to use instagram and there have been some cool photo's of Summah taken here are my favourites:

Mum refers to Summah as a cupie doll,
so she bought one at a retro fair.

my cheeky monkey helping with errands

chubby bubba legs...too adorable!

first Mr.Whippy ice cream

casually eating a whole apple on the couch

Wait a minute?! that is suppose to be on the arm.

Last bath with this cast on...I'm sure there will
be more broken bones in the future.

Summah loves helping, this is just one thing she
loves to help with...laundry! long may it last.

someone discovered the weet-bix at their level,
and helped herself to a snack

bedtime stories with Dad

trying out blue paint as lipstick

those first steps cpatured

loving the warmer days and riding her bike.

Some of my favourites any how.
Have a great week you all.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

one sunny day...

"Mum it's so bright out here and I've just woken up."

"I'll pretend I'm still sleeping then and the sun won't be in my eyes anymore."

"Just tricking!"

"Now I'm coming after that camera show time is over."

I love you gorgeous Summah, thanks for the fun times and sweet memories you are helping to create with me.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

caftan maxi dress...

A few months ago I stumbled across this blog that had a caftan dress tutorial and over Labour weekend I made my very own kaftan maxi dress.

This is the simplest maxi dress to make ever and perfect for those summer night bbq's at a friends house.  You can gather it in around the waist when making it, I never did as I'll wear a belt with it always.  This would also look awesome in a fun patterned knit, and you can make it at any length you like.

The best thing about maxi dresses are you don't need a tan on your legs...perfect! and they are elegant and feminine. 

With my caftan maxi I am wearing my newly purchased summer sandals from Country Road, they are comfy and loving the little bit of gold chain up the front.

I was given a voucher for my birthday back in August for Country Road and couldn't find any clothes that I loved.  As I love shoes and they sell them this was the perfect item to buy from there.

You try making a caftan, it's very simple. 

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