Wednesday, 14 November 2012

DIY Summah tights...

The other week when I was at my Mother's for a visit I saw this delightful material that was perfect for a pair of tights for Summah.

Here we go it really is easy to cut out a pair of tights and sew them up for you baby daughter/son.

1. lay your pants out on material (or paper if you don't trust yourself)
then cut around allowing for seams.


pin and sew down the seams, only 3...simple!
I've overlocked mine and that is all.


cut out ribbing for around the ankles and waist
 to your desired length and width. Then sew them in place.
Note the back panel in these pants are higher, to cover the nappy.

Summah loving her new tights,
they are colourful and comfy.
I love making tights for Summah, and it doesn't worry me if she trashes them because they are made from left over material.  Perfect around the house crawling pants.

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