Sunday, 25 November 2012

baby to toddler...

I've learnt recently the transition from baby to toddler can happen with the blink of an eye.
 One minute they are sitting, then crawling and we welcome these milestones with open arms, we encourage them to have independence to explore their world. 
Then within days of discovering their feet and balance they can be off, and you think were did my baby go? now so independent (within reason of course), so excited to walk and toddle around the place shaking their little bum as they go.
It's an adorable phase and Summah has reached the toddling stage, she loves it, since walking/discovering she could walk she has not stopped.
The poor sole got an ear infection a few days after learning to walk which put her balance off so she crawled, but once her health was restored I turned around to find a girl who would not crawl anymore.  
She literally walked around the house all day long, exploring new cupboards, hiding things in random places, she would walk along kicking a ball (for real), walk around in circles, just because she could.
Now I have a toddler not a baby girl, and every day she looks more and more like a little girl, who can wear pigtails, and shoes that fit her feet.
She has started to pretend play, I often find her creating and making her own fun. It can be sitting out on the garden path filling a bag with bark bits and chatting with the cat, then bringing it into me all excited. 
She is very expressive when talking to me and so excited and I love this enthusiasm for what she is trying to tell me. 
The word forming and sentences are yet to come but at this point in time I am enjoying having a bubbly toddling little girl to hang out with daily.


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  1. Summah you are adorable, I am wishing I could be there to see you like this too XX


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