Tuesday, 13 November 2012

a solar eclipse moment...

This morning at approximately 10.28am Hamilton had a 85% solar eclipse, I don't actually remember seeing one before in my life, due to working inside or just not paying attention.

Anyhow this morning I totally noticed it coming on, it became progessively darker and I was blaming our maple tree for growing too many new shoots and blocking out my precious sunshine.  Completely forgetting that I had read earlier this morning about the eclipse...dumb blonde!! 

So I finally worked it out and went out to admire this rare occurance, and wow! it was magical! the temperature dropped, the light was dulled and shadows on the ground became blurred they no longer were crisp clear silhouettes.

It's one of those things in life that you are amazed by, that the sun and moon cross over and to see it is amazing too.

Stopping to admire the beauty of creation and how everything ticks to it's perfect little beat because if it didn't it could be chaos.

I took some photo's to remember this time and day.

the sun is darkened

a partial eclipse

these shadows make my photo look out of focus
but it's from the eclipse

I discovered that plant silhouettes looked different,
while the eclipse was happening.

my eclipse shadow,
this was taken when it had nearly finished.

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