Monday, 12 November 2012

coldplay eeeekk!!!...

I'd been looking forward to this date...10 November 2012, since around April, and it finally rolled around.

Well so many times leading up to the 10th Nov I thought I would have to sell our Coldplay tickets and not go. 
Things just seemed to not fall into place time and time again.

This is how it went the week leading up to Coldplay...first babysitter fall through then I put the call out and had a handful reply which was awesome, so new babysitter found and sorted...yay!!! 

Saturday rolls round and Summah is the sickest she has ever been, high temp, drowsiness, and not eating....eek!! 
I have to head off and do a bridal party which I was meant to start at 8.30am, they never turned up until 9.30am!! I could have slept in another hour after a night of not getting much sleep because I was trying to keep Summah's temp down. 
Anyhow even though they turned up late we still finished on time, and some days I'm glad my mother was a wedding dress seamstress.  Especially on Saturday, because the bridesmaids had no clue how to lace up the brides dress,  so I take over and pull it as tight as I can take it.  The bride was thankful I could lace her up and put the veil in, and I was even prepared to whip up a garter...she'd left hers behind.  Crazy busy morning.

As the day progress I'm still really worried about off I head to home, only for my car to die on me literally! I call roadside assistance wait 30-40mins for them to come tow me and ring Steve to pick me up. 
Then off to A&E for us Summah was not good! 

At this point it is nearing 4pm...Coldplay gates open at 5.30pm...I'm thinking we are going to spend a good 2hrs at A&E so cancel the babysitter, and put out the word we have 2 tickets going. As it turns out we are only at A&E for 30mins tops, Summah has an ear infection we get antibiotics and start that straight away, her temp has come down a little bit. 

So call up the babysitter again and we decide to hit the road to Auckland after dosing Summah up with paracetamol and antibiotics she is picking up and sleeps soundly. 

We make it in time for one of the opening bands and await Coldplay to hit the stage...and then they came!! lots of fun.
And the number one thing everyone is talking about is the wrist bands they handed out which lit up during the show.  Very cool!

But for me the best bit was just the fact that Steve and I could get out for a night together, to forget about all those adult decisions you make as parents, and get lost in some good music.

Pretending you are younger and in love for the first time all over again.

It was the perfect end to a chaotic day where things didn't seem to go as planned.

in it all though we could still have a laugh together and thank you to our dear friend for looking after Summah so we could get away for a few hours.

Coldplay on B stage...taken by Steve on iphone

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