Monday, 17 September 2012

birthday girl...

It's birthday week for little Miss Summah, her first birthday experience.
One whole year has gone and time really does fly, I've had a great time and enjoyed the first year of many to come being a Mumma.

Summah is a delightful little girl, happy, chatty, bubbly, silly, and has some great facial expressions that make me crack up in laughter often through out the day.
I love her and know that each day we have together is a blessing from above, at no point do you know when your days together can be taken. 
I savour every moment we have together as Mother/Daughter and I love watching her grow, develop and challenge her world around her even at 1.
So this is her birthday week and we kicked it off with a celebration of the first year, and invited family/friends to celebrate with us.
I find it is more of a 'thank you' to those closest to you for their support, advice, help and encouragement as this is what gets you through in that first year as new parents.
(whether each year gets easier or not I am about to find out)

The party girl became very sick late last week and we had to nearly cancel the party, but she pulled through and loved it!!!

She loved it so much that the Monday morning she woke up looking for all the party guests, wanting to play again like the day before.
It was very cute to see...a social butterfly in the making I think.

Anyway here are a few photos of Summah's big day.

1st birthday cake...delicious!!

a timeline of Summah's 12mths

photo timeline to celebrate the last 12mths....a big hit!

a little drink for the small people at the party

sweet treats for everyone

so incredibly happy she just doesn't know what to say?!

1.2.3..blow out the candle!

me and the birthday girl.

proud parents of a 1yr old.

What a fun year it has been, and I look forward to the next year.

Love you Summah xxx


  1. Looks like a lovely birthday celebration. Cx

  2. Lovely blog entry and awesome photos, my fav is the one of Summah and you. Feels like we were there after all xx


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