Thursday, 20 September 2012

a road trip...

Wednesday the 19th September, we celebrated a year since Summah was born.
A whole year!! it's been fun.
Anyway my husband had a few hours work in Whangamata, so I asked if Summah and I could join him on a road trip for the day. 
I love spontaneous road trips, so we packed us a little back pack for all weather occasions as you can never tell what's going to happen in spring.
Hit the road before 8am, and stopped once on the way over for Summah to have a quick play in a playground and walk on the grass.
I've discovered she has the tendency to getting car sick...not fun on NZ windy roads.

Summah and I were dropped on the main street of Whangamata, we browsed the shops, only to find many didn't open until 10am.  The other half didn't open mid week, the joys of shopping at a summer holiday destination town, not early spring. 
I have to say we never bought a thing other than bakery for lunch and a coffee for me.

We hit the beach for about 45mins and just sat there playing in the sand, listening to the crashing waves and enjoying the peace and tranquility a beach offers. 

crawling proved a bit tricker than on solid ground to start with, but she got the hang of it quickly.

the super cute my sister gave Summah for her birthday.

baby Summah foot prints to the ocean for a quick toe dip.

Something I love about New Zealand is that we are an Island country and the beach is never far away.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.xx

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