Sunday, 30 September 2012

a day to garden...

I've stopped for a moment today to appreciate my garden, at a glance it looks a shambles.
Today though I made myself walk around it, to look at each plant, flower, weed (pulling those as I went), and the spaces they great on the outside of our home.
A garden is an extension of the inside of your home, it is a place to be creative in another way, it can be structured, formal, country, or a self-sufficient garden.  A place to escape from the indoors, and breath in the sweet aromas that linger in the air as the breeze passes you by.  
A place to pause from the chaos and business of life sometimes and stop to reflect on the simple pleasures in life.  So often I think to myself when was the last time I stopped to look at that flower and see it's beauty.
This little principle can be applied to so many aspects of life, not just your garden. 
When did you last stop to appreciate the ones closest to you? your children? your siblings? your parents? etc the list goes on.

Slow down and pause for a moment to catch your breath and re-appreciate your space, internally (your soul) and externally (what you have around you).


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