Wednesday, 26 September 2012

a broken limb...

The baby girl a week on from her 1st birthday has a broken arm.

what happened?

This occurred Monday evening while I was preparing dinner, she was playing, took a tumble, I heard a thud!! and thought oh! crap what's she done?! 
Take a look, loose my breath momentarily and assess the situation as best I can. My baby girl is lying on her side looking at me with those big blue eyes that swell up with tears as the shock of tumbling passes and she realises she is hurting bad. 

I pick her up and embrace my child and comfort her as best I can, she isn't screaming in pain, responding fine so no head injury...phew!!! as you see I didn't see the fall just knew something hurt.

After a while she seems to be fine, then I notice she hasn't moved her right much since I picked her up, it's limpish, won't use it or squeeze my finger with her fingers...hmmm...a broken arm? hurt shoulder? possible broken collar bone???

Off to Accident and Emergency for us at 4.45pm Monday evening.

Waiting for 2hrs we finally get to see a doctor, and a few x-ray's later we have confirmation Summah has broken both bones in her fore breaking her fall.
So yep a wee baby cast is fitted to her chubby little bubba arm!

You must understand our little girl is very adventurous, confident, a climber, and loves to live life on the edge even at 1.

How this made me feel as a mother? is another blog for another day. 

But today I am thankful that Summah is all good and a broken arm is not slowing her day one bit.

She is learning to use her left hand, adapting to a new style of crawling, and laughing like it's just a big joke having a cast on her arm.

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  1. Bex, you're doing awesome & by no way feel bad. These things happen... we all get terrible mother moments!! Like when I left Cody in his car while unloading the car, not putting it in park and having it run down driveway & across the road!!! Its our learning curves too xxx


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