Wednesday, 26 September 2012

bunting fever...

As it is birthday week, we have buntings and balloons hanging up around the house to celebrate with Summah her birthday.

I went on a little bunting crazy making one for the party, here is what I did.

I set out on an Op shop expedition one day hunting for some cute old pillow case's that were pretty florals, in soft pink/green tones.

my fabric selection, sides seams unpicked and ready to be cut up
NB: each pillow case cost me 50cents and I purchased 8! cheap option for buying fabric for your next bunting.

next I cut out a template from cardboard and drew triangles on each strip of fabric.
I was able to get at least 4-5 strips from each pillow case and then 3 triangles fitted on each strip of material.
This gave me at least 12 triangles from each fabric, lots to work with.

next I cut around the triangles I had sewn on my fabric strips.

this is what they looked like all cut out and sewn around.
Next turn them right side out and zig zag around the edges to give a better finish.

the trickiest part was pinning the bunting altogether, with my two helpers.
I saved one pillowcase to make bias tape from for the triangles to be attached too.
Needless to say there was a lot of sewing and even more pin pricks but the end result was two super long awesome buntings for $4!!

These are great birthday party decorations and will be used multiple times and possibly pulled out for Summah's 21st as a momentum of her 1st birthday. 

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