Sunday, 5 May 2013

I made a jacket!!!...

I have completed my first lined, jacket without a pattern to follow, just logical thinking and playing around with ideas in my head.

The out come has been a success! 
When I say no pattern...I didn't buy one from the shop and follow it, instead I fished out two jackets in my wardrobe and used them as a guideline.
I cut out my pieces, and stitched away to every moment I had free with out Summah climbing over me or the cat for that matter.

How did the idea of making a jacket ever enter my head??? 
it was all because I visited a fabric shop last week, browsed the remnant bin and found 4 fabulous fabrics that I could make winter clothes from.

They were bargains, 3 out of 4 were less than $10 and decent sized pieces.
The front panel on my jacket was most expensive as it is wool this cost me $12.50. The black fabric on my jacket was $5, lining $5 the ribbing was an expensive wool cardigan that shrunk in the wash and I held onto it, and I'm glad I did!! 
A new winter jacket for less than $25 and no one else has one like it!

My new winter jacket, and yes I checked that I could fit a jersey on underneath to layer up.

On to the next new piece of clothing.



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