Monday, 1 October 2012

spaces in my garden...

Here are some of my favourite spaces and flowers in my garden, and why I love them? 

these I know my father would have me pull them out, as they can grow crazy like everywhere.  But I keep them because they remind me of 'home', we had a paddock that was almost full of these lilies.  As kids my sister's and I sent hours playing amongst them, they were often used when we played bridal dress-ups as our bouquet. The memories this flower holds and that is why I keep it in my garden today.

This jasmine vine grows nuts on our fence from the neighbours side,  it is out of control.
But at this time of year the fragrance is amazing, so I keep it and it's unruly growth is tamed with the occasional prune.

my mystery path, is a bone of contention at times with my husband.  He thinks it looks untidy, messy and needs to be kept perfect.  Normally I would be the same but I like the lack of structure here, the dead leaves on the ground that double as a path, the beautiful clivia that brightens the south side of our house. I also have visions of a play house at the end of this path for Summah.

the gate that has just been built, this leads to our backyard,  and pool.  From the mystery path you walk into a space that is more structured and kept.

this little gem I have been loving and longing to flower for 3years now...finally I have found the perfect spot for it.
This winter it has flowered and still looks amazing, I love helleborus.

this amazing rhododendrun, never flowered until last September when we moved it the day before I went into labour with Summah.
It is amazing when in flower, an abundance of beautiful white fragrant buds that keep flowering for weeks.
It will always remind me of the day before Summah's birth.

Finally my front garden, is my favourite in spring, it comes to life with beautiful purple flowers, little peach gems and then to finish the day lilies come to flower and they are stunning.

My garden of love, it's not amazing but it's another place I can be creative and I enjoy getting out to breath in the beautiful smells.  Most of my plants are grown from cuttings, very rarely do I buy a plant and in doing that almost every plant has a story.
They are a labour of love.

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