Sunday, 28 October 2012

bridal season has kicked off...

Well this weekend was manic...
wedding season has officially kicked off in the Waikato, I had a bridal party and then two bridal trials (was meant to be 3, one cancelled...phew!). 
To fit into my Saturday this weekend, Steve was out all day so I had to ring in my mother to mind Summah while I created beautiful hairstyles for a bride and bride's to be.
It was fun, and I love being able to create styles for brides so they feel/look beautiful on their day.

Here are a few sneak peeks:

Totally different hair types and length and sometimes challenging trying to get rid of some length...a challenge for some hairstyles.

So that's what I'll be doing pretty much every Saturday from now till April, but I love it.

On a side note exciting news...

After many months of looking at multiple houses we've found one that ticks all the boxes...yay!! 
The best bit is it already has a salon in it, so I will have my own salon space (provided the sale etc goes know).

This means I'll be able to work more effectively from home, I'm excited and Summah will have  lawn to play on.

So fingers crossed we can sell ours quickly, not looking forward to the open home process though...arghh! trying to keep everything looking amazing is hard.

Have a great week all.


  1. Love the top photo Bex, that's gorgeous. Congrats on the house hunt - is it in Hamilton?

  2. thanks Gem, I like the top one better too. The house is in Hamilton, so not close to you :(.


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