Tuesday, 2 October 2012

it's time I think...

I feel like I'm living in a whirlwind at the moment, not even working fulltime! 
but there seems to be lots to think about and consider at the moment.
First we are thinking about selling our house, have been looking for months and I feel like we are getting no where...not going to buy and sell just for the sake of it!
Then Summah's party, which was fun, lots of fun.
Summah's broken arm.
Now I have no where to work! kind feel like I've been fired for the first time in my life, but really I haven't as you see I'm a self-employed hairdresser.
I have been renting a chair in a local salon for years now, and it's sold.
The new owner doesn't want me, but want's my clients...feel a little bit used.
Unfortunately you can't buy a clients loyalty and eventually they will track down their favourite hairdresser.

So where does this leave me????

I'm a fighter.
And this has just solidified that I should be opening my own salon.
It will be small, simple and attached to our home for the mean time, because I don't want the overheads of leasing a building, or the staffing issues.

Now I am on a bigger hunt for houses, a place 3 car garage so one can be my work space.
My creative space, a place where I can have adult interaction and conversation, and do what I love.

I've tried to convince myself I will retrain and do something else, but I always come back to hairdressing.

So I think the writing is on the wall....it's time to take the plunge and do my own thing completely, stop being afraid.

I read this quote on pinterest the other day...

"if your dreams don't frighten you they are too small".

It does frighten me to branch out and do my own thing, what if it doesn't work? and it's a waste of money. 
But I won't know till I try.  
I love what I do.
 And dislike offering my clients a semi-service by not having a salon space for them to enjoy.

It's not time to hang up the scissors yet, so you may see Mint Hair Design open in your area soon.

Lot's to consider today.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Definitely, definitely and definitely. You can do it. You have the ideal trade to be able to work from home and I know you will give 110%. I will always be your customer :) xx


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