Monday, 29 October 2012

on the market....

It's official...we have listed our house for auction the 29th November, so it is all on.

Open homes, keeping the house clean, tidy, and in tip top shape can be hard work especially when this time of year is the busiest for us.
But it is also the time of year our house looks the best, because we have a pool and leading into summer the pool is a good selling point.

We love the area, the house and it is the first place that Steve and I actually bought together after getting married, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Alas we must move on, it's time and it will be hard to say goodbye to such an awesome spot in Hamilton.  We've loved our time at McInnes Place more so than Ashurst Ave and we know that the new place will be just as awesome with lots of cool memories.

So in a month we will have sold McInnes Place and a new adventure starts.

I will miss this back yard in summer and even winter time, as there have been many bbq's with friends in this backyard.

Here's to new adventures and new memories to be made at a new house, maybe we'll stay longer at the new house who knows.

I'm excited that I get to have a salon at the new place though.

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