Monday, 18 June 2012

9 mths in & 9 mths out...

My beautiful Summah has been out in this world for as long as she was inside my womb and my word the time has FLOWN!!!

I love every minute of being a Mum and spending my days with Summah, they are treasured and I find myself reflecting on how blessed I am to be a Mum.  It is a beautiful thing and each day is filled with, lots of laughter, tears, struggles to get the clothes on, nappy changes, wiping a little nose, picking up toys and yet I wouldn't change a thing.  I constantly remind myself this is just for a season so love the season and all the bits in between, and totally don't sweat the small is too short!

birthday - after 9mths of being in the womb

Today at 9mths old - exploring everything and crawling about the place.

I love you Summah xxx

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