Wednesday, 6 June 2012

finishing projects...

Today I made myself sit down and finish off a few projects that I had started last week, as I dislike to have unfinished projects around the house, I'm very much a finish what you start kind of person.  I dislike clutter and in effect this means I like to see what is in my cupboards so once they start looking clutter I schedule in some de-cluttering time and have a clean out.

It felt good to finish a couple of my projects this afternoon, as last week went belly up (literally) when our whole family came down with some NASTY!!!! tummy bug.  Which lasted a good 8days...epic!! and now a few kilos lighter we are all good and on the mend and believe me, I'm making up for lost eating time. Needless to say with caring for a little one and myself who got crazy sick, it felt good to indulge in some creativeness and well deserved sewing time.

What did I make??? 

A cute little vest/ hoodie for Summah using leftover sweat shirt material and a nightie that I bought when I was pregnant and never wore once.

(Summah decided stashing her toys in the hood was a good idea too.)

Then I whipped up a few more cushions for the conservatory couch, I'll do a blog on the final look of conservatory when I'm finished that...working process.

What have you all been creating this week?

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