Wednesday, 22 August 2012

a day of blessings..

Today is my 31st birthday, and it has been a blessed day.

self-portrait for the 31st year my of life.

Here a few snippets of the blessings that have made my day even better than your average day at home.

1. Blessed to have a beautiful daughter.

my first birthday card from Summah, she even drew in it for me at 11mths old,
my heart melted when I opened this.

2. Blessed to have a loving husband.
this gorgeous necklace from my amazing husband.

3. Blessed to be apart of a beautiful family, with 2 older sisters...yay for sisters!
cake from my older sister and her lovely children.
Thanks for making my day even better by coming and hanging out for a bit, it was the best.

4. Blessed to have an amazing Mother
a super fun retro flour sifter from my Mother, love it!!
always needing a sifter and never had one.

5. Blessed to have beautiful flowers around that brightened my day.
a walk at the Hamilton Gardens, where the magnolias were in full bloom.
I'm glad I was born in August when the magnolia's are flowering as this is my favourite tree flower.

6. Blessed to live in a beautiful country

to finish the day off my lovely husband made a yummy duck breast mango salad and we headed down to the Hamilton Lake for a picnic dinner right on sunset.

It's been a fun birthday and if you don't already do this always take your birthday off work.  I decided to do this about 5 years back because your birthday is your own personal 'public holiday' so to speak, and you shouldn't have to work.  It was the best thing I had ever decided to do when I was working full time, and I haven't had to spend a below average day at work on my birthday since.

Next birthday take the day off.


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