Tuesday, 28 August 2012

a little green bag...

Last a week a friend asked if I could make her a nappy (diaper) bag from an old dress of her's, so I said "Yes".
The fact is when I was pregnant I couldn't bring myself to pay $100 plus for a bag that was to carry all this stuff you were expected to cart with a newborn, realising that the phase would pass quickly. I went on a hunt to find some cool material and a pattern, neither of these proved too difficult to find.

As I've mentioned before in blogs I found my material at a interior design shop, this is my favourite place to buy from Turton Oliver. All up my bag to make cost roughly $25-30 a lot cheaper...although there were some stressful moments when sewing it!! with gritted teeth, broken needles, and some poor stitching (which required unpicking..dislike!!) at times the bag became finished.


I'm making my second bag which is going a lot better, I found my pattern here, and made changes to make it more personalised.

For this bag I've used material from my friends kilt dress (a NZ fashion label) and paired it with a black (indian cotton), and I am super happy with the end result.

One day I may even draw up my own bag pattern and make more of these it is actually really fun.

One thing I have learnt in the last year with my sewing is, pressing your seams is worth the effort and time it takes.  It makes the world of difference to your final product.

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