Saturday, 18 August 2012

cheeky monkey...

my cheeky monkey is 11months old!! I've almost been a full fledge mother for a year.
Time really does fly past if you blink too quickly and forget to embrace every moment that passes you by.

we've had a great 11months together and 1 month till this girls 1st Birthday!!!

so here we are at almost 12months old and ....

... I love this cheeky monkey more and more everyday.
I love the way she brings a smile and giggle to my day by just being herself.
We always have fun, no matter what we are doing.
There are tears, screams, and hair pulling moments but that smile erases all of those memories instantly and replaces them with the joy it is to be a mother. 

so here's to a fantastic 11months my beautiful girl.


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