Tuesday, 21 August 2012

the grand finale...

Way back in May I started a project with my Mother, who is an amazing seamstress  quilter, and crafter, she is always exploring new ideas.  

Any how we started a quilt for my little girl, the idea is that it's to be a comfort quilt for those days you feel sick and just want to cuddle on the couch.  Every one needs a blanket like that and some arms that will hug you to make everything seem so much better.
To be honest I don't think I can have this quilt put away just for those moments, it needs to be on display as I love it!!! so I have popped it on Summah's bed where we can all appreciate it.
I love the colours and patterns in the material!
 (I'm a little bit of a sucker when it comes to material to be honest)

Thanks Mum for machine quilting this quilt and helping with the piecing, it has been fun working on a project together.

the end result...

Summah loves her new quilt, Austin doesn't mind it either.

 now on the bed and ready for sleeping under.

(in Summah's room we have bed from Farmers, homemade bunting on cot, wooden rabbit from Red Current, fabric picture from Tiny Eyes, selection of Peter Rabbit books, and op shop draws re-painted).  We like it simple.

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  1. Loooove the colors and Summah has just gotten so cute xxx


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