Thursday, 9 August 2012

bathroom DIY...

Finally 3 1/2 yrs later our super blue bathroom is getting a do over...yeeha!! 
I'm very excited about this and yet I do realise that it will be a working progress over the next month as we are doing everything ourselves. 
We will be re-wallpapering, never tried this before, tiling the floors and around the bath, we have done this before and it was successful.  We have already replaced and re-plumbed the shower so that is a bonus,  next step is to rip out the vanity and replace that with something newer. 
I think the biggest and best challenge is that we are a tight budget for doing over these rooms it makes you think outside the box and you become more inventive with your ideas.
So this is a fun little side project at the moment along with painting the hallway, I'm thinking my husband may send me back to work soon as I'm starting to tear the house apart doing DIY projects.
At the moment we are hooked on this t.v show called The Block and we figure if the couples on there can do over houses we can!! 

Wallpaper stripped...yay!!

shower about to be ripped out, & an example of the hideous blue.

Fun times ahead doing up our bathroom, it will hopefully be a lot more pleasing to the eye than it is currently.

I best get back to work,  and watch this space for progress updates.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool, can't wait to see. I would have your vanity, its way newer then anything we got :(
    I know it is going to look super awesome. Agreed that the block can be inspirational :)


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