Thursday, 26 July 2012

opshop finds...

I've been trawling the op shops lately, and have found some very cool bits and pieces.
Today after a great coffee with a very dear friend, we walked to some near by op shops and I discovered some cute vintage jigsaw puzzles for Summah...$1 each!! 
so cheap!
I remember my mother having 2 of these puzzles when I was a child and may be that 's why I wanted to get them for Summah too.  
They are simple, educational and I just love them.

I will continue re-visiting my new favourite op shops for little treasures.


  1. Great finds. You and Dee must both have the the op-shopping gift! Cx

  2. Thanks...but I'm really just a beginner with this op-shopping deal, it's addictive though and I'm starting to see things I would have walked past before.


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