Thursday, 5 July 2012

I've done it!!!...

....reconstructed a top!!!

I've finished my first attempt at reconstructing a top of mine that I loved the front and detailing on.


Top 1: From Jeans West, nice linen the sleeves tore really easy, so I was unable to wear it.  I loved the detail on front so I kept that and recut a new back and sleeves.

                              the torn sleeves were replaced

Top 2: From Stax, this top had uneven collar heights, which bugged me every time I wore it.I have cut out a new back from this to go on the above top and used the sleeves and put a cuff on them from the back of the above top.  This top also had a cut sash belt which I can wear with my new top, like below.

(it's hard to get a good pic of yourself when there is no one else around to take it)
The end result is this cute top, that I can wear with a skinny belt, the sash belt or with out either.  I also made the back of the top a little bit longer than the front.
The verdict:
I think I'm addicted and will rethink when I have wardrobe clean out now, I will see my clothes with different eyes.

It has been a fun project for the last day, what can I make now????


  1. THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! genius!
    ps. you have killer legs ;)
    (miss you! xoxox)

  2. That is amazing. If you can do that with your first attempt, I can't wait to see what you do next. Looks great. Cx


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