Monday, 2 July 2012

the past 10days...

The husband is in the USA and Summah and I have been spending some time at my parents...yay!! it has been fun and here are few things we've learnt/done in the last 10days.  Everything is so much more exciting now that a little girl can crawl and explore the things/objects around her world now, it is fun to watch.

1. Summah loves music, & Grandad's CD collection
 was delightful to play they are out of order...oops!

2. Uncle Ross loved reading/playing with Summah 
even when he didn't feel well

3.  Summah's hair is long enough to spike up 
when shampooing!

4. Banny has the best selection of rolled material balls to unravel 

5. Bandad (aka. Grandad) can multi task!! 
watching motorsport on t.v
eating an ice cream in a cone, and feed Summah.

6. Grandparents are the best thing since sliced bread as they have so much time for grandkids and love spending time with them.  Don't rob this time from them, allow grandparents to have time with your kids.

7.  The best thing is coming home to your own bed and familiar surroundings, even Austin was excited to see us home, he wanted a bath with Summah.

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