Thursday, 12 July 2012

for the cousins far away...

At the moment all Summah's cousins are far away and they are missing out on her crawling adventures so we decided to video her and let them see how much  their little cousin has grown in a month.

Summah really misses her cousins and is looking forward to hanging out with them when the Northland ones get back to the Waikato, and the Southland ones hopefully in January. 

For the mean time we hope you enjoy the videos, and can view them ok.

(apologises if the quality is no good)


  1. omgosh!! so precious, thank you!
    Danny LOVED that first one...who can resist those beautiful big eyes! he was yarning and smiling away :))
    see you soon xoxo

  2. ...and by Danny, i meant Sawyer.

    *headesk* i clearly have too many children...


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