Monday, 2 July 2012

DIY: Art piece

I've been doing some artwork for my conservatory space and it's simple and if you want a cheats version of what I've done here is what you do.

What you need:

canvas 8x8 
(or preferred size)
PVA glue
Old school book 
(that you don't mind cutting up)

next cut 2 stripes for 2 sides with a bit of an overlap to glue it down nicely with watered down PVA glue....this part can be messy! Cut 'V' shapes out where you want to fold the extra at the corners for a nice finish.

Next do a google search for images you would like to print onto your book page, for the effect of an ink drawing you'll need to look for pictures that are sketched. 

(some google image ideas: dandelion seed head, birds, flowers, building silhouettes, bridge silhouettes, powerlines with birds on them,  windmills etc) 

(also you'll want black images to print off ... easier.)

For mine I've hand drawn them all with ink pen.

(your canvas will look like this if you have choosen to draw your own picture)

Then cover your canvas front with a full page from the book which covers the remaining 2 sides.  My book pages were about A4 size which was perfect for the 8x8 canvas.

The end result could look similar to these:

(excuse the poor quality photo's my husband has our good camera with him in the USA at the moment, I had to use the budget panasonic point and shoot camera)


  1. Wow, they look stunning. Such a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration. Cx

  2. nice result Bex, I love it!


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