Sunday, 21 April 2013

my tribute to Ross...

{21.04.1983- 28.01.2013}

My dear brother

You looked different and talked different, peoples eye's lingered on you as we walked through town, chatting, shopping, and joking around as siblings do.
To me you were normal, perfect, the right brother for me and I stopped noticing that people gazed at you for an extra long time.  As for me you were the only Ross I knew, the brother God had hand picked for me to grow up with, to laugh with, to cry with, to build lego with and dress up as a girl during our childhood years.

To have you journey with me for the past 29 yrs 9mths has taught me so many things, and I'm still learning from you even now that you are gone.  With out you I wouldn't be half the woman I am today, and I thank you for helping shape who I am today, and I thank God for placing you in my life to be used in this way.

You've taught me to appreciate the finer things in life, you loved all things Royal, Regal, Classy and Refined...if it wasn't done properly it wasn't worth your time.
You've taught me to appreciate history, your love for castles and all things British was outstanding and it always amazed be how much you knew about these topics.
The biggest lesson I learnt from you Ross was 'Patience'.

To slow down, as you were unable to walk and move as fast as me, if I wanted to chat with you I had to walk at your pace.  There were many times in our childhood we'd just sit out in the paddock for a rest to help you catch your breath and then move on, it took take us long time to get home after exploring somewhere.  This never stopped us having hours of fun, loads of laughs and various sibling squabbles about who was carrying what home or riding the bike or scooter home.  It almost always ended in me taking both, but I didn't mind it was part of life with a brother like Ross.
You were born with a faulty heart (tetralogy of fallout)  but it was an enormous heart when it came to loving those who were dear to you.  So caring, and generous, you always thought of others and always rung for a catch-up.  With the uncanny knack of ringing when we had just sat down for you for this Ross!

To me these phones calls were sometimes very timely, just when I needed to chat with my brother about life, other times I found them annoying as I thought I was too busy to catch up.  But on the whole I always tried to answer your calls as I never knew if it would be my last chat with you.  That was the difference with having a brother who had a heart expectancy was originally 6wks! each day was borrowed time after that.  Now we've had our last chat on earth, and it was great! you challenged me, you questioned some of my life decisions at the time, and you asked about my friends and said to say 'hi' to them.  Next time we talk you will be perfect and I'll be perfect in glory land on one of those streets paved with gold, and I'll be able to visit your castle, the one that God had designed for you from before you were born.  I can guarantee that it is better than any castle you ever dreamt of building from you lotto ticket winnings.  I await the day when I get to see you again Ross, for now though it's farewell.

And I want you to know you were the best brother I could have ever dreamt of having, you were more than a brother, but a very close friend too.  I miss having you around, but I'm thankful that my life was blessed with you being in it for 29 years and today you would have turned 30!!! (21 April 2013).

Happy Birthday little you forever!


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