Wednesday, 24 April 2013

kindness gift wk 1...

week 1: 

* I made a special bag for my 'random act of kindness gift', this was fun to create something unique for my gift to go in, instead of just using a plastic plate, or glad bag.
(tutorial for bag)

* then I made my favourite cookies (on the blog another day), which are double chocolate chip, and peanut butter chocolate chip

* packaged them up in the little gift bag and set off to see a friend who is husband less for a few weeks, 32wks pregnant and has a near 2yr old...I figured she would love some home baking to pass the time.



  1. What a gorgeous bag! Great idea. Cx

  2. YES I DID! Those cookies were a lifesaver yesterday after the car broke down. All I needed was a cup of tea and ahem, several of your cookies to forget it ever happened ;)


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