Tuesday, 22 May 2012

a walk in the park...

As the official Autumn months draw to a close Summah and I took the liberty to take a walk in the park behind our house.   There is this stream (not for swimming in I will add...yuk!) through part of park and the trees have had the most gorgeous autumn coloured leaves on them this season.  I wanted to take some photos of Summah exploring the leaves, the texture and sounds they make when you crunch them in your hand or under feet.  She loved it!!! and the best bit is when she is sooo excited her hands clench and she yells with glee.  Love it! Enjoy the pictures from our little exploration in the park the other day, making the most of these beautiful autumn days before we plunge into winter.

We had so much fun together, playing in the leaves and rolling around like kids, it was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

Oh! and Summah wears her new t-shirt from Venezia that Daddy bought her on his trip to Italy recently, and the cute red scarf we bought down the South Island...love it!

1 comment:

  1. cuuuute!! love the outfit :))
    need to catch up soon X


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